A woman from Arizona

Around 1 year ago I had a story to tell.

Each of these tracks houses many memories, some blissful, some painful. I wanted to flesh out those memories into a little story of their own, to stand side by side with the music.

This has proven to be hard, and I want to release the music. Once that is out there, the words will be easier to write, who knows. For the time being those memories are stuck with me, or I am stuck with them, still.

Even though they are all part of an arc, I released the first three tracks on their own, before. But they always belonged together - so here they are.


All the mixing happened live, the only post work was some very light mastering.

Written and recorded by Pedro Figueiredo during Winter 2019. Mastered and released in Winter 2020.

Cover by Pedro Figueiredo, digital manipulation over watercolour.