You were away

I had a hard time in 2018. I wrote these tracks to help me cope, but once I finished recording them I did not have the capacity to spend any more time immersed in them - so I put them to the side, and eventually let go of the notion that I would at some point release these.

A couple of months ago my laptop died. When restoring the music folder, I noticed “You were away”. I had a listen.

It still stung, but not as much.


Written, recorded, and mastered by Pedro Figueiredo.

Tracks A1, A2, and B2 recorded during Sprint 2018; track B1 recorded in Winter 2020.

Cover photo by Pedro Figueiredo.

Thank you:

  • Mrs. Arthur MacArthur in Celtic Mouth Music from UbuWeb’s Ethnopoetics collection.
  • Piano samples by ShadyDave.